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The South African Association for Nutritional Therapy  

Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition and health science to enable individuals to maximise their health potential.

SAANT will act as the “Professional Body” for the regulation of the profession of Nutritional Therapy and practitioners of Nutritional Therapy in the absence of a state authorised professional body and as a professional Association for the upholding of professional and ethical standards, in the form of a non-profit incorporated Association in the Republic of South Africa, with its headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa.

Specific nutritional advice is not available within this web site

  • Defining Nutritional Therapy:
    Click here to read about Nutritional Therapy, how a Nutritional Therapist approaches clinical practice and to access a flow chart showing the Nutritional Therapy Process.
  • Professional Membership Requirements:
    Click here to access the SAANT Professional Membership Requirements. A Professional Member on the SAANT Register of Practitioners is required to hold a a BSc in Nutritional Therapy or a Bachelors degree plus a post grad diploma in Nutritional Therapy, which together achieves NQF Level 8 and achieves the Training Checklist, subject to CPD and Insurance.
  • To find a SAANT Practitioner in your area:
    Click Here — Practitioner Profiles are accessed by clicking on the Practitioner's name in the Register.
  • Access to Members Area
    Only current paid-up members have access to this area. Contact membership@saant.org.za for user names and passwords.
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