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This is an exciting year for those of us practicing as Nutritional Therapists and those currently studying.

SAANT is currently facilitating the application to open a register for Nutritional Therapy, which will mean that if it is successful, Nutritional Therapy will be a regulated and registered profession – this will protect consumers and practitioners.

Application for registration requires a lot of work and our resources are stretched thin – our website has therefore been condensed so that the most relevant information is available to you.

Regulation will also mean that an external body (AHPCSA) will set the minimum requirements regarding training for the profession. SAANT will adjust requirements accordingly, but until then you will find the institutes that currently meet the NTEC Core Curriculum on the training page.

Thank you for visiting SAANT!


Our condensed site has the following pages:

What is Nutritional Therapy? What is it not?
Register of Practitioners – we will keep adding to this list
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